Expoplu becomes P–OST


We are pleased to announce that from March 2021 Expoplu will continue its activities under a new name: POST.

The name change is accompanied by an expansion; POST will present contemporary art in both the Paraplufabriek in Nijmegen and the former post office at Driekoningenstraat 16 in Arnhem. While this will be a new chapter for our organization, we emphasize that POST must be seen as a continuation of Expoplu. The special, artistic and emancipatory history of Expoplu forms the starting point of POST, and we will continue to build on this foundation.

POST's vision echoes in the new name. Our new name is multi-interpretable, reflecting our dynamic attitude and diverse goals and ambitions. First of all, POST can refer to a central post for the region, where the regional art community gathers for refreshing and challenging presentations, and for substantive and practical support. POST can also be read as an artistic border post between the Netherlands and Germany. Through active cooperation with cultural organizations in the urban area of ​​Arnhem-Nijmegen and the border region of the Netherlands-Germany, POST aims to stimulate national and international conversation about art and culture. Finally, the name POST hints at the preposition post-, which refers to something "after" something else.

We would like to brood over what the future will look like from our present time. Major transitions are underway in society, which poses challenges. We feel a certain urgency to relate to these developments in an artistic way. After all, art is capable of approaching, presenting and translating these transitions and challenges in an investigative, experimental, poetic, imaginative and artistic way to a broad and diverse audience. That is why we would like to provide space for artists, curators, thinkers, educators, partners and other stakeholders to engage with these issues. We want to relate to what has been, what is now going on, but also to what is yet to come: POST.

On behalf of the POST team: We look forward to welcoming you soon!


POST Nijmegen
Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63‑A
6512 AT Nijmegen

POST Arnhem
Driekoningenstraat 16
6828 EN Arnhem