Symbiosis Series #4

Justine Grillet & Thijs Jaeger
Curator: Fenne Saedt
08.10.2022 - 11.12.2022
With SYMBIOSIS SERIES, curated by Fenne Saedt, POST provides artists with space, resources and support to experiment and create new work. The artists are stimulated to interact with one another in various ways, similar to the natural process of symbiosis. It is an interaction in which exchange and collaboration is possible, while (re)shaping the individual practice. Sometimes selected artists differ in medium or conceptual positions, in this case the exhibition often results more into a visual dialogue. Other times their practices are more aligned, which makes that the exhibition itself could become one entity.

Fragments from Shallow Lake

Jasper Coppes
Curator: Youri Appelo
29.10.2022 - 11.12.2022
What are the ecological consequences of dumping contaminated soil into public water? And can toxicity lead to new nature? These questions are central to Fragments from Shallow Lake. Jasper Coppes' solo exhibition features fragments of his new film Shallow Lake. The combination of these fragments offers the visitor the different perspectives that are discussed in the film, but at the same time it also gives an insight into the editing process of the film. Shallow Lake was developed in collaboration with production agency VRIZA.

Artificial Incantations

James Bridle, Wesley Goatley, Ginevra Petrozzi, Suzanne Treister
Curator: Lieke Wouters
Assistant curator: Ángel Azamar Garcia
28.01.2023 - 26.03.2023
Alchemical rituals and disembodied voices, mystical networks and dark predictions about the future – in Artificial Incantations, artificial intelligence is viewed from the language and aesthetics of the occult, to make sense of the impact of these “smart” technologies, such as self-driving cars, self-learning algorithms and smart voice assistants named Siri or Alexa.