Symbiosis Series

Ischa Kempka & Tommy Smits
Curator: Fenne Saedt
08.04.2023 - 04.06.2023

The name Symbiosis Series is derived from the phenomenon of symbiosis : the prolonged and harmonious coexistence of two or more organisms of different species, whereby coexistence in itself is beneficial or even necessary. This exhibition format provides two artists with space, resources and support to experiment and create new work. Participating artists are encouraged to interact with one another in various ways, similar to the natural process of symbiosis. During this interaction exchange and collaboration are possible, while (re)shaping the individual practice. Sometimes the selected artists’ work differ in medium or conceptual positions, resulting in an exhibition based on a visual dialogue. Other times their practices are more aligned, making the exhibition itself a single entity.

The artists are free to experiment, explore and break up their modus operandi. It is a collaborative process where artists previously unknown to each other exchange visions, working methods and vim and vigor. 

In this edition of Symbiosis Series: Ischa Kempka en Tommy Smits