When Stones Awake

Raul Balai, Semâ Bekirović, Olga Ganzha, Lennart Lahuis & Suat Ögüt
04.06.2021 - 18.07.2021

You live only as long as the last person who remembers you” (Akecheta, Westworld)

While some people and events are literally and metaphorically written in stone, others are not. It urges to ask: what exactly does it mean to be remembered and what does it mean to be forgotten? When Stones Awake centralizes questions concerning our public way of remembering specific people and events. It presents artworks that deal, directly or indirectly, with the notion of remembering through monuments. The exhibition is looking backwards and thinking forward to raise questions concerning authorship of monuments, and mirrors memory and oblivion as symbols for life and death.

Photo: Olga Ganzha, Motherland is Calling